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Dirtylicious® University - Cycle 3

And just like that, Dirtylicious® University cycle three is in the books!
Dirtylicious® has been steadily growing and we were lucky enough to have our first training day held at one of Utah's largest gyms: the VASA Fitness in Orem. This came as a result of the success of Erica (one of the Dirtylicious Co-Founder) and our current instructors whose classes have been rapidly growing week after week.
This was by far our most diverse group of instructors with some attendees having lots of group fitness experience and others having none at all. Dirtylicious® is a beautiful thing that way, it's not about being the best dancer and is instead all about instilling confidence into your class with real dance and sexy choreography. And being willing to get better slowly over time is the secret ingredient to becoming a better dancer.
We couldn't be more proud of this group right here and can't wait to see each of them grow a...
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Three Reasons You Should Become a Dirtylicious® Instructor

Have you thought about becoming a Dirtylicious® Dance Fitness instructor but can't shake the feeling that you're "not _________________ enough" (you fill in that blank)? Here are three reasons why you should flick that little doubt-whispering devil off your shoulders and start teaching your own Dirtylicious® class (AKA change the world with twerking).


1. Progress NOT Perfection

Being a Dirtylicious® Dance Fitness instructor isn't about being the best dancer and never messing up the choreography (that is WAY too much unnecessary pressure). Instructing a Dirtylicious® class is about being willing to find joy teaching others despite the chance that you may end up forgetting the counts or messing up yourself.

At our Dirtylicious® University instructor training day we preach: Progress NOT Perfection.
We want each instructor to feel the same way that we want our Dirtylicious® attendees to feel which is to feel empowered after...
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Dirtylicious® University - Cycle 2

The second round of Dirtylicious® instructors are trained and ready to take the fitness community by twerk (corny, we know, but on brand! Ha.).

With the hustle and bustle of the holiday season just around the corner, we snuck in our last training day for 2019 and it was full of so much energy and excitement. We had multiple people who were already working on classes and talking to gyms and dance studios about getting hired (Wow! Talk about go-getters!) The Dirtylicious® community of instructors are turning out to be some of the most kind and hard-working people we've ever met and we can't believe how lucky we are to meet, learn from and train these incredible people.We can't stress enough that skill level and dance ability come second to having a BIG heart and wanting to teach others body positivity and confidence through sexy, fun choreography. We can't wait for you to take one of their classes and to learn from them. We are so incredibly proud of all our...

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Dirtylicious® University - Cycle 1

It was kinda like having a baby... or twelve babies. But the first Dirtylicious® University training is in the books!

After 9 months (maybe really even 8 years) of working, developing, writing, recording and planning the day had finally come. Our first Dirtylicious® University Training day.

For months before this, we had been pulling all-night shifts getting it all done and we left our whole hearts on the line. And honestly, it was more amazing than we ever could've planned. Not because we are the most brilliant, or talented people, we are admittedly very far from that.

It's all because of these amazing instructors who came to learn, shared their stories, who believed in us, and in this dream of changing lives through real dance, and sexy choreography. They are the ones who took all of it in and are making it happen and we couldn't be more proud to set them free and watch them do amazing things as they plan to start changing a lot of lives....

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