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Behind the Scenes of the First Dirtylicious Dance Fitness Photoshoot

Hi! We're Chelsey Curtis and Erica Tanner! If you didn't know we're the cofounders of Dirtylicious Dance Fitness, and we've been working behind the scenes for quite a while to bring Dirtylicious to the masses.

SO many late nights of recording choreography, writing out the instructor manual, while still raising two kiddos each and running our full time businesses too.

But it all started to feel VERY real as soon as we planned our first photoshoot.

Capturing The Vision

Because Erica has been a dancing her whole life, she knew the key to making this photoshoot look good was to have dancers come and do what they do best, dance. But how do you organize 40+ people to make it look like an actual class instead of just chaos?

Shot lists.

This is where Chelsey's background and expertise of blogging and maximizing the very expensive hourly rate of photographers, videographers and venues came in handy. After compiling a detailed shots list and sending it off to the media people....

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