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Dirtylicious® is a fun online dance fitness class that gives you confidence. Now you can enjoy your workout and do it using your favorite device, anywhere that you have Wi-Fi.

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  • World-class Dirtylicious® Instructors to Help You Learn Each Combo and Keep You Motivated through Each Workout

  • Foundational Dirtylicious® Dance Fitness Moves (Learn How to Twerk, Body Roll, and More)

  • No Fitness Equipment Needed

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What Dirtylicious® On Demand Members Are Saying...

Imagine if you...

  • Felt confident at the gym, and also in your daily life.
  • Had so much fun while working out, you never wanted to miss a class.
  • Knew how to dance at the club, parties, or gatherings and felt hot-as-hell while doing it.
  • Discover the self-love for your body, that you didn't think was possible.

Dirtylicious® On Demand is the best online dance fitness class that makes you feel confident and empowered.

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Hannah Davis

"I have loved Dirtylicious because it really does make me feel more confident and sexy!! The other day I was feeling a little down and instead of being hard on myself, I put on a playlist that makes me happy and I danced around in front of a mirror. And I was shocked to see that, hey, I don't suck at dancing! I can move my body in a way that makes me feel confident and sexy in the skin I am in!"

Gabriela Flores

"I love dirtylicious because it makes me feel so sexy and my confidence has increased for sure! I am so excited for Dirtylicious On Demand! Before moving to Utah I was wishing so bad for a way to take your classes and now tons of people can take advantage of doing Dirtylicious from the comfort of their homes. 💗"

Dirtylicious® On Demand

Learn how to shake that money maker in fun online dance fitness classes all from home.

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