Mean Girls Dance Party - Sponsored by DDF®

The #MeanGirlsDanceParty was SO FETCH!

The Mean Girls dance party last Saturday night was so much fun! We could not get enough of all of the Mean Girls quotes, details, and costumes from every single person who attended. We were OBSESSED with the levels of creativity and commitment we saw!

The evening started with mingling, hanging out with the sponsors, eating carbs (As Regina asked, "Is butter a carb?" 😉), a Dirtylicious® dance class lead by one of our instructors Tayler Nicholas (you can take more classes with her on Dirtylicious® On Demand), and a talent show where we saw "the plastics" (but with a black and white Dirtylicious® spin on their costumes) perform "Jingle Bell Rock." 

Dirtylicious® did a raffle where we gave each attendee a free lifetime membership to the Dirtylicious® On Demand product [a $150 per year value] and a ticket to enter to win $100 cash!

We hope everybody who came to the Mean Girls dance party had the best night dancing with their girlfriends and getting spoiled by all of the sponsors. And if you weren’t at the party but you still want to become a Dirtylicious® On Demand lifetime member, we’re extending our offer to anyone who reads this blog post! Simply click on this link and start enjoying Dirtylicious® On Demand today!

Feel free to grab the pictures below and don’t forget to tag the photographer at @jbeckphotos (Jeff Beck) and us at @DirtyliciousDanceFitness using the hashtag #MeanGirlsDanceParty when you share them on social media.

Thank you for a fantastic night, ladies! We can’t wait to see you at our next event! 


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