Three Reasons You Should Become a Dirtylicious® Instructor

Have you thought about becoming a Dirtylicious® Dance Fitness instructor but can't shake the feeling that you're "not _________________ enough" (you fill in that blank)? Here are three reasons why you should flick that little doubt-whispering devil off your shoulders and start teaching your own Dirtylicious® class (AKA change the world with twerking).


1. Progress NOT Perfection

Being a Dirtylicious® Dance Fitness instructor isn't about being the best dancer and never messing up the choreography (that is WAY too much unnecessary pressure). Instructing a Dirtylicious® class is about being willing to find joy teaching others despite the chance that you may end up forgetting the counts or messing up yourself.

At our Dirtylicious® University instructor training day we preach: Progress NOT Perfection.
We want each instructor to feel the same way that we want our Dirtylicious® attendees to feel which is to feel empowered after leaving a Dirtylicious® class (whether they have years of dance experience or none at all). Period. That is the main goal: to feel like each person grew a little more, gaining a little more confidence, and have fun doing it.

The magic comes with consistent attendance and watching the confidence grow each week. But as an instructor being able to see each attendee improve their skills and learn something new which ultimately builds their confidence is beyond rewarding. So whether you've loved dance your entire life or you're new to it, teaching Dirtylicious® Dance Fitness is mostly about helping others find happiness and health, not making your class an exclusive club that you have to audition for.

2. Don't Just Preach "Body Positivity," Teach It!

The body positivity movement says "love your body" and "be body positive." Both are beautiful and empowering messages. But have they ever left feelings of doubt or have you ever wondered exactly how to do that?
At Dirtylicious® Dance Fitness, we believe that you'll love your body more than ever when you see it doing things that make you feel happy (like shaking your tail-feathers and learning how to body roll for the first time), regardless of your size. We're kinda hoping that brought a smile to your face just thinking about it.
Sure the moves you learn on day one might not look exactly right, but as you come to class each week and improve your dance technique, you'll learn new things, get out of your comfort zone, and you'll start to see the improvements your body is capable of. And THAT is how you'll genuinely fall in love with yourself. Nothin' like a little twerkin' to see how hard you're workin'!
Dirtylicious® Dance Fitness is for everyone! You'll see men, women, all colors, all shapes and sizes, which we love! Body positivity comes with taking action and we believe that looking at yourself twerking in the mirror is one of the best ways we can teach others how to love themselves and all of their jiggle.

3. Get Paid To Workout!

Right now you're probably paying for a gym membership and working out regularly. (If not, let's call it goals for this year). Imagine getting to teach a class at your local gym and getting a free membership (woohoo!). Plus, on top of that getting paid to teach said class (#winning because you're getting your workout in too)!
One of the best parts about teaching Dirtylicious® as a certified instructor isn't just the gym or dance studio opportunity, it's about the way you'll be able to impact lives by teaching choreography that rewards your attendees with newfound confidence and body positivity. But there are other very unique opportunities as a Dirtylicious® instructor too, and that is teaching private classes like Dirtylicious® werkshops and bachelorette parties for up to $100* per hour! 
At our Dirtylicious® University instructor training day, we'll teach you a variety of ways to earn enough to make teaching Dirtylicious® your side hustle or even your main source of income.
If you're interested in learning more about becoming an instructor, click here. We'd love to see you at an upcoming training!
Chelsey and Erica
Dirtylicious Founders
*Hourly rate may vary as you set this price for yourself

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