Best Face Masks for Dance, Exercise, and Everyday

Whether you are purchasing a mask to dance, exercise, or even simply walk around the grocery store in, you want a mask that is going to keep you safe and comfortable, but also be flexible and allow you to move without falling off. 

When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, I grabbed the easiest mask I could find from my favorite store, Target (girl, you know it's your fave too). After wearing the mask a few times, I quickly realized that even though I bought the mask out of convenience it wasn't the best mask for being active in or even to wear day to day. 

After testing out several different masks, I have put together a list of my 3 favorite masks. I want you to know that I was not compensated in any way for these reviews and have bought all of these full price.


1. Bloch Reusable Face Mask with Lanyard and Moldable Nose Pad Pack of 3/$19.80

I grew up training in ballet and was a regular customer of Bloch. Bloch has been around since 1932 selling pointe shoes and other dance wear and accessories. This past year they used their expertise to produce a face mask and to be honest here are my pros and cons for this mask: 

Pros: Fabric is comfy and breathable, adjustable ear loops helps to fit anyone, sleek design, nose pad (all my glasses and sunglasses friends, this keeps you fog free), and a great price. 

Cons: The cut is a little small (maybe I have a big face...ha) and it muffles my voice meaning people couldn't understand me when talking so I have to move it or lift it to talk sometimes. 


2. Stockdale Fask Masks Ranges from $8.48-$16.99

This past year Chelsey and I went to Disney World in Florida and everyday we both wore these masks. They were the perfect mask for that Florida humidity and didn't get wet when we were sweaty. We continue to both love these masks.

Pros: Fabric is comfy and breathable, looser fit (can be a con or pro depending), replaceable filters, adjustable nose clip (bendable), adjustable ear loops helps to fit anyone, washes well, and different fun fabric designs.

Cons: Price and looser fit (can be a pro or con depending).


3. Bigox Face Mask Black $15.99/50 pcs.

Should we wear a single-use medical mask or a reusable mask? Over the past few months I have heard different opinions. Some say a reusable mask cannot filter viruses. But is that true? Another concern I have heard is that COVID-19 has caused a huge increase in single-use face masks being used around the world, which has caused a lot of waste. You will have to make that judgment call yourself but I have worn these and they are comfortable and breathable plus more sleek than the blue medical single use masks.

Pros: Nose clip, single use (prevents infection and spread of the virus), comfy, and breathable.

Cons:  Wasteful, ear loops can break if not gentle to take on and off, and they are difficult and expensive to recycle.


I hope this makes it a little easier for you to find some mask options for you to dance in, exercise in, or even just to have some comfortable and breathable options for everyday life.

Please remember that this is an opinion based on my own experiences. I am not a medical professional. If you have any concerns related to your own personal health and wearing a mask, please consult your doctor.



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