Frequently Asked Questions

All of our instructor trainings will be listed on the Instructor Training page on our website:

Yes; a participant must be 18 years or older to attend a Dirtylicious Instructor Training Day.

    • 1. Attend a Dirtylicious Training Day. 
      • Learn the “Dirtylicious Magic” of How to have a Successful Class
      • Attend a Live Class Knowing the “Dirtylicious Magic”  (know what to look for)
      • We’ll teach you how to duplicate the success with proven scripts and systems. 
    • 2. Submit and pass the Dirtylicious University Instructor Submission Video.
      • Purpose of Submission Video: We want to make sure that you are a part of a brand that’s exclusive and has consistent quality. 
      • We want you to have relatable, to facilitate connection, and to be able to build a tribe of loyal followers and fans. 
    • 3. Be current on your Dirtylicious Instructor membership fees.

Exclusive access to our private instructor website, all of the official Dirtylicious choreography, and private Dirtylicious University Instructor Facebook group.

    • It all depends on when you feel ready. Once you have met all of the requirements, you are ready to teach your own class.
    • Training Day Registration Fee is $300
    • Monthly Membership Fee starts at $29.97
    • You can cancel at anytime for any reason. Just let us know within 30 days with written notice, and it will apply to the following month.



It is important to find a workout that feels fun so you can enjoy it. When we created this amazing class, we wanted everyone to feel that same way while working out, while doing so at your own pace.


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